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The design is easy to change text, photos, pictures. It is convenient to edit and visualize their ideas.
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  • Types: paper, laminated, elastic pocket, a plastic card
  • Mounting: magnetic, clip with safety pin, clip, strap, lanyard
  • Production time: 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.)
  • You can order from your smartphone, with full functionality accessible from the computer
Other materials, 7 colors of laces, editorial services and design when ordering available in the pavilion.


Laminated paper
is the most popular type of badge. Durability of use is provided by a dense 250 microns glossy lamination film. See technical specifications below
Round badge-icon
Metal badge-icon. Glossy film protects the printed image from external influences. Cm. below specifications
Hard pocket
Hard pocket of transparent film. Just invest a printout with the name. The most budget variant of the badge for a long time. Cm. below specifications
name Badge on the paper
Budget and functional type of badge. Printed on thick (300 g/sq. m) premium semimatte paper. Cm. below specifications
Plastic card
Durable badge on thick plastic. Available different colors of card and printing. Cm. below specifications
self-Adhesive name badge
a Convenient badge for one time use. Self-adhesive paper leaves no marks on clothes. Cm. below specifications
Elastic pocket
Just paste and replace the printout with the information. Can be used on both sides. Cm. below specifications


Size badge
Select the size you want the badge.
Laminated badges, badges in flexible or rigid pockets set the print size. The actual size of badge is more than a few millimeters (depends on the type of pocket and fastening).


Color printing
Professional laser printing, full color layouts.
Black and white print
Professional laser printing black-and-white layouts.

Mounting type

Clip with pin
Clip firmly secures name badge without puncture tissue for the skirt.
the Clip on the strap
Metal clip and transparent strap with button make it easy to secure and replace the badge.
Clip on lace
Badge on a lanyard is often used for participants of conferences and seminars.
Magnetic mount
do Not deform the fabric durable, strong magnets securely hold the badge.
Two carabiner on the lanyard
Badge fastened on two metal carabiner easy to use, it is difficult to turn by accident.


Card badge is inserted in a tight unbreakable pocket of a laminate with a thickness of 250 µm, which adds stiffness and protects from external influences.


Rounded corners
Rounded corners are bent less when using, longer still presentable.

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Badges Perfect white

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Make your wedding special - Badges for a wedding for newlyweds, parents and guests Personalized professional wedding layouts for preparing a wedding in a single style. {Productname3} with print - this day will be special.

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Turned to printing Center "Karandash" for a magnetic badge. Pleased with the attention, efficiency, and quality of work. Thank you.
Yelena Mikhalchenko
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Many thanks to the Pencil and, in particular, Bocharova O. L. (so written in the copy of the check, unfortunately, did not pay attention on the name badge, but this girl on the morning of April 21 he worked in the pavilion 1 in 4 computer) I urgently needed to make two badges, I went early in the morning, 8 was not even, and even without layout. Omit the details, but this wonderful employee fussed with me until 9-something, found this layout in the mail 2 nd pavilion, and then quickly and efficiently did the badges. Really helped me out, thank you!
star star star star star
It was the first time I used the services of the Pencil center and I was very satisfied. Thank you for the quality work done. I printed the book, made the order online, the order was completed ahead of time and this did not affect the print quality. And the order was quickly sent to the post office. I am insanely satisfied with your work, it's nice to hold in my hands. I will also contact you and offer your services to my friends.
Lyudmila Injievskaya
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The ability to choose a design at your discretion and for any price category
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Performed at the highest level
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Everything is fast and on time
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I have already received my order. Everything is very fast! Convenient upload system - edited them myself and sent them to print, the photos are the same as the editor. The photos are super, bright and high-quality. Well, sooo happy! I am now a regular customer of yours)
Olga Zychkova
About Product
Promptly, efficiently
About delivery
Convenient to place an order, fast delivery
star star star
It's not the first time I've ordered photo printing here. Everything is gorgeous - both quality and price, and deadlines. Today I am once again trying to upload a photo for printing in the amount of 496 pieces. Photos have been uploaded for more than 5 hours and it is not known whether they will be uploaded or not. Therefore, minus two stars for a very long download
Konovalova Nadezhda
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The quality is excellent
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At the highest level
star star star star star
I want to thank PENCIL for my order-photo printing. At first I was pleased with the price, but I did not expect such quality, which I was pleasantly surprised by + delivery, everything is neatly folded. I advise everyone! Success and prosperity!
Boyko Love
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Highest rating
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High, 10 out of 10
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High, 10 out of 10
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