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Stickers interior for the occasion "Different tricks"


Stickers interior to order is easy: choose a design or request a

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Prices, discounts, deadlines

Interior stickers - on furniture, walls, windows for the occasion "Different tricks", stencils for decor

Stickers for decoration
With the help of decorative stickers, you can update the interior, wall design, even without starting repairs. Stickers are self-glued in a matter of minutes without special skills and devices. The TOP 5 themes for interior stickers are a lantern, cities, trees, butterflies and cats.

Stickers for the nursery
Wall stickers in the nursery can easily replace photo wallpapers, and you can also use stickers to create a themed interior. Cartoon characters, fairy-tale characters, cars for boys, flowers for girls are especially popular for children.

Disposable painting stencils on self-adhesive film
To apply complex large drawings, stencils are used on a film that is glued to the wall. Then a roller or spray pattern is applied along the contours of the film. After that, the self-adhesive stencil is removed. You will not be able to use such a stencil a second time.

Reusable stencils on dense material
With the help of curly cutting, we will produce rigid reusable stencils on plastic or thick cardboard. They are excellent for applying patterns in several techniques, for applying technical markings, signs, arrows, monochrome logos.

Prices, terms, discounts
The cost of interior stickers and stencils on self-adhesive film includes: the cost of plotter cutting, the material used, the sample of the cut image. The cost also depends on the cutting area and the size of the cut elements.

Plotter cutting

Name/Quantityдо 0,50,5 - 11 - 55 - 1010 - 2020 - 40>40
1st level of difficulty (more than 50 cm), for 1 sq.m.11,8108,97,67,26,85,6
2nd level of difficulty (10-50 cm), for 1 sq.m.23,821,719,318,116,915,714
3rd level of difficulty (5-10 cm), for 1 sq.m.35,633,330,929,728,126,925,7
4th level of difficulty (3-5 cm), for 1 sq.m.56,653,349,147,245,34341,1
5th level of difficulty (2-3 cm), for 1 sq.m.113,5106,698,694,490,58681,8
6th level of difficulty (1-2 cm), for 1 sq.m.227213,2197,1188,7181,1172,1163,7
7th level of difficulty (up to 1 cm), for 1 sq.m.386,4362,8334,9320,8306,9292,8279

Image sampling (cleaning)

Name/Quantityдо 0,50,5 - 11 - 55 - 1010 - 2020 - 40>40
1st level of difficulty (more than 50 cm), for 1 sq.m.11,810,78,87,77,36,55,5
2nd level of difficulty (10-50 cm), for 1 sq.m.23,521,619,318,416,415,414,3
3rd level of difficulty (5-10 cm), for 1 sq.m.35,633,131,129,228,12725,4
4th level of difficulty (3-5 cm), for 1 sq.m.56,953,44947,345,242,841,2
5th level of difficulty (2-3 cm), for 1 sq.m.170,5160147,6141,5135,4129,4122,8
The selection of the 6th and 7th difficulty levels is equal to the selection of the 5th level. The sample cost is calculated based on the actual area.

Using materials for plotter cutting

Name/Quantityдо 11 - 1,51,5 - 33 - 55 - 1010 - 2020 - 40>40
Black, white, color, for 1 m.p.30,530,530,230,128,727,826,825,4
Golden, silver, for 1 m.p.47,34746,846,244,242,640,639,6
Reflective, for 1 m.p.171,1167,5160,4155,4149,5144138,2126,2
Sandblasting, for 1 m.p.130,6128,2125,3123,8122,4119,4114,5110
Fluorescent, for 1 m.p.148,9144,6139,6134,8129,8125,5120,4110,3
The production time is 24 hours (for orders up to 200 rubles). Super-urgent production is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +37517 3 290 290 . Free delivery in Minsk and Belarus.

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Types, materials, sizes

Sizes and materials for interior stickers

Materials for interior stickers
In the manufacture of interior stickers and stencils, we use professional equipment and original consumables. Paints retain saturation for a long time and are resistant to abrasion. The ink is safe for residential use. Stickers can be made of almost any shape. Depending on the type of picture for the sticker, we offer:
  • for monochrome images or inscriptions - we use Oracal color film, which is particularly resistant to mechanical stress, will retain its shape and brightness for a long time.
  • for full-color pictures or photos - we use full-color printing on self-adhesive film; lamination provides additional protection from the external environment.

Sizes of interior stickers
The maximum width of the sticker for the interior is determined by the width of the cutting plotter and is equal to 1195 mm. In this case, the layout can be prepared in such a way that the picture consists of several parts and, thus, increase the width of the image. The maximum length of one interior sticker can be almost any, while as a rule it is up to 5000 mm.

Stickers on furniture and walls - ideas for use in the interior

  • With the help of decorative stickers on furniture, you can easily transform any interior. Stickers on the cabinet, doors, chairs, washing machine, etc. will help to refresh the interior or give a certain style.
  • Wall stickers allow you to visually expand the space and fill it with ease. Use geometric shapes and perspectives.
  • In the children's room, stickers with images of animals, letters and numbers will help the child learn the alphabet faster.
  • Vinyl refrigerator stickers are used to decorate and protect the door and side panels of the case from scratches.

Our works
Interior stickers, stencils for walls painting from 1 copy.
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