Stickers, printing on CD, DVD for the style of "Geometry"

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Print labels, printing on CD, DVD with your photo book is easy: choose a design in a catalog or book your

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Drive is a convenient and reliable vehicle information which allows you to store important files. My disc of the film about a family celebration, wedding, love store, travel, decorated in a gift box, looks much more presentable than writing to flash.
CD and DVD drives are also widely used as handouts at seminars and conferences.
Printing on discs provides media with the unique style that differentiate it from other drives will help to quickly find the desired instance.

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Stickers, printing on CD, DVD

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Printing on discs

Labels on the CD

Printing center the Pencil uses a special blank labels for CD, DVD discs, which provide high quality and brightness throughout the life of the drive.
The process of printing on the discs as follows:
  • preparation of layout (photo editing by the designer, if necessary)
  • accommodation layout on the blank for print
  • printing on self-adhesive paper with die-cutting for standard size disks
  • application of stickers on the disc surface

Printing on discs

With UV printing, we put the image directly on the disc surface. This method can be used to print from 1 PC., with most profitable when you print copies.

Prices and discounts
The system of prices and discounts on stickers on the CDs are presented in our price list.


- when ordering in the pavilion: up to 3 hours (at the finished layout, for orders up to 100.)
- when ordering by e-mail with the form on the website: up to 6 hours (finished the layout for orders up to 100.)

Burning discs

Printing center the Pencil uses professional equipment to record CD, DVD and BR discs, which allows in short time to fulfill orders for copying and duplicating discs.
Write down your favorite photos, music, movies, text documents, presentations, games and other information to disk in a short time right in the center of Minsk.

Prices and discounts

The system of prices and discounts on stickers on the CDs are presented in our price list.


- when ordering in the pavilion: up to 3 hours (for orders up to 100.)
- when ordering by e-mail with the form on the website: up to 6 hours (for orders up to 100.)

Backup drives

The printing center of the Pencil offers a unique for Belarus service - record data on a highly reliable optical discs Verbatim, providing long-term storage of information.
Optical discs M-Disk are by far the most reliable and durable media. Such discs for archival purpose, according to the manufacturer, capable of storing recorded information for 1000 years!
запись на диск архивный в МинскеM-Disc technology is a new standard of quality in the field of storing digital data. It ensures information integrity through the use of special protective layer, which is resistant to light, temperature and humidity. According to tests by the ISO/IEC 10995, the life expectancy of the DVD M-Disc made 1332, and only 5 % of the tested instances showed signs of loss of data over 667 years.
Writing to disk of pictures, audio files, documents and other historical information, you can be absolutely sure of her safety.

  • DVD M-discs with capacity 4.7 GB
  • Blu-ray M-discs 25GB
Drives based on the technology M-Disc is compatible with all modern DVD and Blu-ray drives.


You came back from the trip, played a magnificent wedding or your child graduated high school? Memorable pictures and video can be recorded on a separate disk with gift box. This disc is a pleasure to take in hand, to show friends, present to the memory of relatives and friends.
Create a CD collection with the history of your family, and it will take pride of place on the shelf. You can record any memorable information on a CD or DVD:
  • Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every person. Photos and videos will help relive the brightest moments of a memorable day and a beautiful cover artwork will delight the eye and give a good mood.

  • Prom - record all media content on one disc, and you can always find it among others.

  • Diploma - I'm sure many remember the critical moment associated with the thesis defense. Record the materials of diploma, photos from performances, videos, and other files that will help you to return to this exciting day and re-experience vivid emotions.

  • Photos and videos - you want to clear space on the computer, organize the data, or just through the photos and videos over the years? Great idea! Write on the disks with the necessary information and create vivid cover for each CD or DVD. Now you can easily find the necessary disk and see the pictures for a certain period or pictures of important events.
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    Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
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    Addressed in Pencil to print posters of large dimensions. Sent it via the editor. Employee Nikita I almost immediately called back , explained the details of my order and the next day the order was ready. Thank you for quickly and efficiently fulfilled order.
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    Ordered a t-shirt and mug. Did everything in 1 hour. On the day of order. Mike's handsome mug too.
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