Calendars desktop flipchart The colored rectangles

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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus
The design is easy to change text, photos, pictures. It is convenient to edit and visualize their ideas.
When ordering in the online editor:
  • Production time: 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.)
  • You can order from your smartphone, with full functionality accessible from the computer
Designer paper, other materials and dimensions, a cap of any shape, editorial services and design when ordering available in the pavilion.

The density of the pages

the density of the pages
to Select the density of the loose-leaf calendar pages. Commonly used paper 120 g/m.

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We will check Your finished layout to:
• the print format document format
• correctness of insertion of images and text

The service does not include checking spelling and other errors

Other order options?

Calendars desktop flipchart The colored rectangles

Book calendars desktop flipchart The colored rectangles for your occasion:

Birthday and anniversary - the most fun holidays. The best holiday designs for greetings on Birthday and anniversary. Enter the name of the birthday boy, date of occasion, words of wishes in the online editor.
Make your wedding special. Personalized professional wedding layouts for your wedding preparation in the same style.
Order your Desk calendar Colored rectangles for yourself or as a gift.

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A wonderful company with which I have been cooperating since 2004, and which has never failed during all this time. Orders are executed promptly and very efficiently. Now on New Year's Eve, thanks to the help of "Pencil", I have made myself an exclusive desktop calendar with the cities of Belarus and now I will enjoy the beautiful views all year round. 😉 And the center also helped me to quickly prepare postcards and envelopes for subscribers of my group. Vyaliki you shchyry dzyakui, syabry! ☺️
Julia Suyagina
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star star star star star
Every year I make calendars in an online editor, ordered sweatshirts, mugs - always quickly, efficiently, excellent service, excellent team. Thanks!
Natasha Radko
star star star star star
Quickly! Convenient!
Lera Murashko
star star star star star
Quickly, efficiently. I ordered calendars for colleagues on the website, there are many options in the online designer, without visiting the center, everything was done as needed within 24 hours. Great!
Marina Korshunova
star star star star star
Ordered a Desk calendar as a gift, the girl on the phone suggested that you can place your order online and upload a photo as we need a very handy feature! If you pay online, you can get 3% discount
Anna Golubeva
About delivery
Did everything very quickly! I liked everything!
star star star star
Hello. We decided to print a lot of photos, searched for a long time and stumbled upon this organization. It is very convenient that you can online. They downloaded it themselves and corrected it with the help of an editor. Sent for printing. The invoice was issued quickly, many thanks to the employees for re-invoicing, since the first time there was a failure. We are nonresidents, so it was decided to choose delivery via dpd. Bribed delivery time, faster than by mail. They printed it out and notified me that they had sent the order for shipment within a day, which made me very happy. And that's why the minus star. An SMS notification came that it would be in 3-4 days, then again a message that the deadlines were shifting again and as a result, the order arrived 8 days after the order was handed over to the forwarder. Which upset me. And so, if you do not take into account the delivery, then everything was pleasant, fast-quality-inexpensive. I recommend this printing center.
Vashchilova Ekaterina
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The quality is excellent, even if the photos are taken from the phone.
About delivery
Does not correspond to the delivery dates stated in advance. They came with a big delay from the original stated.
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